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Hi John, they were fresh pork picnics with no "enhancements" or solutions in them. I barbecued them to ~185 then foiled them well and let them rest for about an hour or so until they hit pullable temp (200F) though I didn't temp them at that point.

If you're in a rut, try playing around with your rub spices. You might surprise yourself. It all comes out good.
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Thanks, Rivet. Do you have a link to those rubs you referenced. I've been searching the forum, but not run into them yet......lots of stuff to dig through!
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Pork looked great but after sampling the CSRs and Mrs. Rivet's Mac-n-cheese I can see how there was no room left.
Wonder what you will be having tomorrow...?
amazing when you have a shot of the meat slightly shredded and it is just nice, pink and absolutely smoky delicious.

Wait John, I saw some pink on the outer layer of your pork, does that mean it is raw on the outside...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Awesome looking smoke, and now, thanks to you it is 3:42 in the morning, I'm not hungry but I sure am drooling.
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Ok so I think I figured out the csr chuck steak roast right? What the heck is ppb? Great looking stuff there thanks for the look.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Thanks, it sure is. Makes the anticipation of taste-testing the barbecue even better!

Yep, the Belly Rub is here:

The Spicy Lime seasoning I got in a multi-pack at Target. I forget what it's called, it was a long time ago. The other two rubs on the CSR's came frm BEER-B-Q and RICHOSO1. Shoot them a PM, I'm sure they'd do an exchange with you.

The PPB rub was my personal "house recipe" that I tweaked for this smoke.

I definitely recommend both Belly Rubs, they are extraordinarily tasty.

Jim, that's too funny! And yes, you better believe I will be having more pork today! Already got the recipe in my mind.....Thanks to you and RONP with the marinating your meat in a bowl of Youshida's I've got something special planned today. I'll post a couple pics later....we're gonna do something exciting with barbecue and vegetables! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Hi Cruizer....a CSR is "Country Style Ribs" which actually are not ribs at all. They are a pork shoulder cut into strips in the butchers bandsaw into the pieces you see, so they look somwhat like ribs. They are very meaty and much less expensive than "real" ribs.

PPB is "Pulled Pork Barbecue" which is what you saw me do here in the thread with the 2 picnics. Barbecue them until they get to 200F internal, which will then allow you to "pull" the meat apart with 2 forks...kinda like shredding. It is very tender at this point.
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outstanding results, john, a very, very good barbecue coming from the most challenging circumstamces imaginable. wind, rain and cold are all major enemies of stable temperatures, you fought those demons and emerged victorious, as your "finished" pix prove. congratulations, pitmaster!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job John.Everything looks wonderfull.For doing a great job and handling that weather,wind,rain and cold is the worst it seems in bbq.........points.gif

Looking forward to tonites meal.....
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Thanks Rivet! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Way to hang in there with this one, fighting that weather can be a real pain. Looks like you got great results!

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Great lookin smoke there Rivet!!!!
Just goes to show, nothing stops us Airborne!!!! Points to ya!!!!
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