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Nebraska Arctic Dawgs

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This will be the 3rd time that I have typed out this post. Hit the back button when I wanted to change tabs and my work internet timed out the 2nd time. Here goes again...

My fiance's dad had brought home a case of polish sausages from the affiliated foods midwest employee store. He basically got 12 pkgs (6 sausages each) for $2.00, just because someone dropped the pallet of sausages. These weren't damaged at all! By the time that I had seen them, which had to be around 7 pm, I was already trying to find something to smoke. You see, we had just been hit by a major snowstorm that left 2-3 ft drifts by the sidewalks and I just knew that I could carve out a little windbreak for my ECB, therefore continuing my thin blue addiction.

Everyone thought I was nuts, but I was in heaven. Here's some QView..

My smoking niche and chimney. I think the chimney got a bit excited...

These are the snausages about 20 minutes before I took them off. I cooked them with a full charcoal basket, no water pan (it was cold enough, and I figured the water pan would just kill my temps..I've now changed my mind..). Smoked over cherry for 1.5 hrs.

Finished product. Temps got too high so the snausages cooked a bit too quick. Not enough smoke in them things, only a bit of residue on the casings. Good quality polish dogs though! Any tips for next time?

Thanks for Qviewin'!
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Hey those look good!! I will be smokin tomorrow morning early, how did the cold temp affect your cooking times and grill temp?

Are you sick of snow yet???
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I think a 4th time trying to post I would have given up. 3rd I would just have been cursing the computer and the internet-Damn you Comcrap!!! icon_smile.gif

If I didn't completely understand 100% I would have thought you crazy for firing that up with all that snow, but I get it.
Nicely done and points.giffor your dedication.
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Looks Good...
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I won't really be sick of snow until it doesn't stop coming down. We got all of that in one night with lots of blowing, and it's even more of a plus since it keeps the wind from screwing with my temps. I did find that I probably should have kept the water pan in the ECB, even if it was empty to shield some of the direct heat from the sausages.
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Those sausages look pretty good.
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Well your sausage looks good and you deserve a big pat on the back for puttin up with the elements points.giffor the weather and the hard time you had with posting.

PS if you hit the Remember Me box and that way you won't be timed out when you run long with your posting. I learned that lesson early on so I thought I would pass it on.
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