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Pulled Pork w/ Q-view

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Today I smoked 2 boston butts in the GOSM with some hickory.

This one came out great!!! I mopped with with apple cider every hour and it was championship material! (Or so I thought in my own little world!)

Cleaned up a bit

Rubbed down with an alteration of Jeff's rub, to sit overnight

Taken off to rest

Pulled and made into a SAMMY!!!

I got to use the Curley's BBQ sauce tonight!!! What a great sauce!

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Looks great, all you need is a Liter of Cola.
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Nice job on the butts....looks great.
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They Look Great Tony...
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Very nice looking, huge, hunks of pork! Nicely done PPB and glad you liked the Curley's. Those sammies looked great too. Congratulations!

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Looks awesome....Whats this Curlys Sauce you talkin about???? Is it a sweet sauce??
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I want a bite! Looks good, congrats.
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Yeah buddy...Curleys and some butt....Sweet.Rivet is a fine fellow-dont tell his wife...

I gotta give you somethin for the slaw/ relatives in maine havent a clue on that.........points.gif
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Thanks everyone! I'm getting better and better at this everytime I do them. The true test is if the fam likes it then I know it is a winner... I caught them all hovering the pulled remains picking at the meat while I was getting ready to go to work!

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Was that Curley's spicy or regular? I have only tried the spicy and it instantly became my favorite! Great looking meat sir.icon_smile.gif
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awesome looking pork butts, and pulled pork tony.

practice makes perfect, and your look great. points.gif
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Looks like a great meal. Thanks for sharing!
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Looks awsome train !!!
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I had the spicy and the fam did the regular... I thought it was wonderful stuff!!!
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Thats it !!! it a winner if they are hovering while your there I hope you saved some for later. You know in the back of the refrig behind the olives. You can not beat a pulled pork with some slaw it is the BOMB.points.gif just have to go with this one.
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A true North Carolina pulled pork sammy is tough to beat. Great job!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Oh man, now I have to go and get a butt to smoke. That looks great.
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Looking Gooood!
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That nice! You're bringing back memories of a couple weeks ago. That was the first time I tried the slaw on pulled pork; that's the only way to go. Good job.
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