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Oregon Scientific

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My wife bought me an Oregon Scientific AW131 remote meat thermometer back in the spring. This was before I really got the Smoking bug. I was about to have some surgery and be laid up for a while and she thought this would give me the ability to "assist" her in our grilling. Well, I have since bought an infrared fryer and an MES. Needless to say this thing has worked great! She should have done some shopping beforehand because she got it at Cabela's for about $65.00. I have since seen one on the OS website for $39.00.
Now here is the bragging part. Recently while trolling through Craiglist for an nice offset horizontal, I came across an ad for an Oregon Scientific AW131, brand new still in the clamshell package for $8.00!icon_mrgreen.gif As soon as I got it in the mail I powered it up and checked to make sure it worked as I had an issue with a remote therm I bought on sale at Kohl's recently. To my delight, the new unit did not interfere with the old one. That is to say that they don't appear to be on the same frequency, so I should be able to use them together. If anyone is looking at remote thermometers, give this one a look. I really like mine.
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I have one and I love it. Unlike the Maverick this thing is capable of extremely long range.
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Thanks for the heads up! That looks like a really nice unit.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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they make the weber unit as well........
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Ive had a weber unit for about a month, been great so far.
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Good score!! I wish I could find deals like that on our local Craiglist.
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I found the 131's at Lowe's a couple of years back on clearance for $10 each - picked up four. They have always worked well, but I have had a couple of the probes go out. Probably my fault. They are replaceable but not cheap.
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