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First Smoke with the Char-Griller

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Did my first smoke with the Char-Griller, and something simple, RIBS! used a rub from here and what can I say OMG WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's great on the success of your first smoke on the new rig. There are a lot of good recipies here to try, and more great things every day. It looks like you are gonna be busy for a while to try them all out!

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icon_sad.gif You got my mouth all watering for some ribs and I don't see no ribs! lol Glad that everything worked out. I told Santa to get ya a camera for Christmas so you can share that great lookin food with us in the future.

I'm goin to be doing some ribs for a Xmas party next Saturday, going to dry rub and lets em set up for 48 hours before slow smokin. I can't wait to see how they come out.

EDIT: I just saw your location. I gradiated from Green run High School in yer neck of the woods and still have many friends there. Party on Virginia Beach!
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Have no fear, pictures are on the way!!!!

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Pics of First Smoke

Sorry one slab gone!

it was good eats!
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Nice looking bark... mmmm.
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Nice looking ribs. Love my Char Griller. It's a hog on charcoal but smokes great.
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Well then congrats go out for your first smoke for sure. Now you just have to go get the camera and take some pictures (Qview here) and then get ready for the wife/ girl freind / kids heck somebody out there us gonna make fun of you aboout that Qview but you just tell them that we caused you to make it taste that good and you have to pay us back. Cause You know:
We are the Kids and You have the Candy
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Glad the ribs worked out for ya..... Did you do the Mods to your Chargriller??????
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nope not yet. will extend the smokestack soon, and I gotta get that info to Char-Griller for the ash grate that broke.
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I discovered my best method for getting heat v. long burn v. fuel consumption is to put one unlit chimney of lump in my basket then dump a lit chimney of briquets on top of that. If it is not windy and above 45-50'ish degrees I can get a solid 3 hours out of it, with a chamber temp of 225-250° before I have to add another lit chimney. I used to use all lump, but I went through it really fast... lol.
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That's exactly what I do with my Webers, I can get a 4-5 hour smoke without adding fuel. Works well!
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Of course it took me 6 months to figure that out.... oh well, Royal Oak made some extra off of me in lump sales... lol.
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I get about 4 to 5 hours. I never add lit charcoal, just dump is some more lump and let the remaining coals ignite them. Also use the basket mod.

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Great Job! Congrats on the first CG smoke.
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Nice basket - I went cheaper and bought the BBQ WOK, only holds about half of what that basket will... lol. But that is next on my to do list - I have seen that basket mod and really like it, especially for the longer smokes.
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Here's how I build my fire using the CharBroil shaker basket. I use briquettes & mix some chunks in. I leave the open space at the front left corner so the fire burns back against the air flow coming from the side vent.

I have a generic chimney that is smaller than the Weber's a lot of people use. I fill it only about 3/4 full.

I use the hand test on the chimney. I put my hand over the top of the chimney & if I can only get "one Missi.... ouch" icon_smile.gif then I dump it.

When its time to add more bricks. I shake the basket to get rid of as much ash as I can, then rake the lit coals to the front left corner. Depending on how much longer I intend to cook, I will add 1-2 chimneys of unlit to the empty side of the basket.
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.... one Missis.. ouch! biggrin.gif

LOL... I like that will have to remember that one heh-heh.
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Man, I can't believe how much I'm learning about my Char Griller. You guys are amazing. I will have to try the charcoal basket mod next season (right now its 12 degrees outside).

I heard somewhere about a mod consisting of a dryer hose attached to the smokestack, can someone explain this to me. What does it do and how do you attach it?
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Did someone say Modded Char-Griller? I can not take the credit for the mods to this beast, but I love them. Turned into a reverse flow, change to fire basket and lined to provide a bit more metal to heat up. Oh, did I mention the aluminum wheels and spinners?

I have made brisket, ribs, pork loins, salmon, halibut and a bit of everything off this.
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