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Dilly Jerky W/QVIEw

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Hope I am not offending any hardcore jerky makers by making something a little different, but here is my latest smoke.

I marinated the jerky in
Whole Garlic cloves
Whole Black Peppercorns
Cayenne Pepper
Fresh Dill
Dill Weed

Before putting the jerky in the smoker, I coated all the jerky with more fresh dill.

The verdict is that the jerky is a little tart from the vinegar, but I still really love the taste. The combination definitely gives the jerky quite a different taste. I think I am going to try it again, but leave the vinegar out. The reason for leaving the vinegar out next time is that it hid a lot of the dill flavor that I was really trying for. I love dill so I think the more dill flavor that comes through, the better.
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Offending anyone, are you nuts? LOL. That's whats all about, making new things to try, putting a spin on the same ole thing, and that looks fantastic. I love vinegar and I love the taste of dill and I love jerky. Kinda like a meat pickle LOL. Great job of thinking outside the box, points for you my friend.points.gif
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Again another threa d that made me do a double take when you said dill and jerky together...I love dill maybe not as much as you but I do like it. way to think outside the big box...points.gif
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Hmmmm.....Dill jerky I'm OK with but a meat pickle, now that just sounds strange.
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Very interesting! Be sure to post your next batch with any changes too! points.giffrom me too for being creative!
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Thanks for looking and for the kind words. I will let you all know how things taste without the vinegar.

I will have to say too, I have never used vinegar as a meat tenderizer before, but it sure did a nice job. This was pretty tender jerky. It wasn't hard on the jaws at all.
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I like.I like ALOT.Very nice jerky.Big dill fan myself.Not only do i grow it-when it goes to seed the butterflies lay the eggs in it....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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