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once more experimenting day with Q-view

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I was thinking,what can I do with pork loin

then ordinary varkens loin,pig loin is very nice but I want something more icon_wink.gif

here is what I did

the first ingredients,raisins, onion and apple

soak some raisins in rum

onion stews,than apple and then add the raisins in rum with the rum

what fresh sage added

Here comes the meat

cut open ,and some flat hammered

filling at on top

After a little work, he rolled

rubbing and one night in the fridge

ready to smoke

He is currently on the smoker biggrin.gif

on the smoker

Q view follows certainly
I am very curious about the outcome
now I'm very excited

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You've got to be a professional chef treeg. If nothing else you are very creative with food. it looks delicious. Oh and maybe a pro photographer too? Keep the q-view coming!!
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No I am not a professional chef ,and no photographer,but these are my two biggest hobbies icon_wink.gif
I'm not afraid to try something

I work in a furniture factory,CNC Maschine

another hobby of mine is going cycling

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I know that is going to be a keeper, the filling is very compatible with pork and rum.
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Geert, the system won't allow me to give you more points right now, but you have definitely earned them. It is truly wonderful to see your creations. One can tell you enjoy your hobby and love to eat!

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That sounds awesome, can't wait to see the finished product!
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it was fantastic,my family have really enjoyed
defined my wife,she is not a big meat eater,but they asked more

here the result

the cutting board patiently waiting


70 degrees C = 158 degrees F

ready to cut

my plate and cutting board

it was very nice,and i am already full of ideas for the next smoke icon_smile.gif

Thanks for looking
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that looks amazing!
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Wow...I first started reading and it made me do a double take when I read raisins,onions, and apples. Great flavors and smokin idea...lol..sounds like you got both hobby's I enjoy. Great pics and way to think out side that big box !!!!! points.gif
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Great job Tree, it looks awesome!!!!tongue.gifpoints.gif

Nuts, it wouldn't let me give you points......?
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Wow treegje, you certainly are loving your smoker and it sure shows in the amazing threads you have been posting!
That list of ingredients sounds perfect! I bet it tasted even better.
If I ever go to Belgium I've gotta stop by for a visit!
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always welcome,we would look forward to it
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Great stuff Treegje! I like to soak raisins for My deserts and for pork dishes in Orange Brandy for a really nice orange fruity flavor.

You are certainly thinking out of the box. I think you should change professions and become a Chef. You have a passion and style that cries out to be a famous Chef. icon_smile.gif

points.gifIf it lets me.
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He must be a distant relative of Cowgirl the similarities are striking. Both cook with such passion and imagination that they've got to be related somehow. icon_smile.gif
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it is definitely a keeper,'m already working on another version
thanks richoso1

you have the nail on the head Johnicon_smile.gif,I love new flavors
I love it to be creative,it is not always good, but that's the price you paid

thanks john
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thanks for the good feedback,Soon I blush icon_redface.gif

thanks I appreciate that a lot (of all of you )
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Great idea and a beautiful presentation! points.gif
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Geert, it looks wonderful! Love the sound of the filling you used. Very Nice!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Hope we are related! lol PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Call it the fruit of uour loin! :) lol It looks AWESOME!! points.gif
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Great looking food!
I tried to give you points, but I'm not sure you got them.points.gif

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