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Sausage Help

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I have a quick question. I ground, stuffed and cured some sausage last night and they are in the refrig now. I have had a death in the family my sister and have to travel like NOW. Can I just use the food saver and freezer the sausage and smoke it later or will I have to leave it behind with instructions for the smoker person amd the smoking directions.
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Sorry to hear about a death in the family.

Wish i could help with your sausage question but that is one realm I have yet to venture into though I would think freezing it then cooking later would be fine.
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Sorry to hear of your lose Mark.. If it's cured it will be fine when you get back to it , It won't go bad like fresh meat
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What DanMcG said. It should be good for days, if kept refrigerated and cured
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Food saver and Freezer

If you are going to get to them in a few weeks, I would just use zip lock bags. I stuff and freeze all my fresh sausage. I pre freeze it a bit then use trays and zip lock bags or food saver if i plan on giving them away.

They keep for a long time, never had a problem.
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Hey buddy I'm sorry about your loss...

Your sausage should hold up just fine. Just make sure you use the foodsaver bags and nothing else. Thank god you had a chance to cure it.
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sorry to hear Mark-and yes it will keep in fridge or u can freeze it.
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What everybody else says, except that if your planning on stuffing it later, you probally will neeb to add water and work it into the meat. After a short time in the fridge, the meat gets like cement, and will be hard at best to stuff. Remendy is to remix water with meat before stuffing.
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Best wishes Mark.Sorry for your loss.
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You are just giving the spices extra time to "bloom".

Sorry to hear about the passing.

You are good, pick up where you left off later when you have time.
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