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My First Smoker...

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I'm getting ready to buy my first smoker. From reading the threads on this forum, I'm thinking of purchasing a Smoke Vault 24". I'm curious if the Vault is capable of doing a "Cold" smoke? For I would like to try to smoke some cheese.

Thanks for your help!
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Have you seen the youtube video on cold smoking?

I think I saw some fellow cold smoking using a soldering iron and a tin can. He put a blanket over his grill, but it looks like he could probably have used a cardboard box.
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There are a few threads and detailed instructions on here to show you how to cold smoke with a soldering iron, tin can and some wood chips.
I'll see if I can find a few but they are out there and I'm sure someone will stumble across this and be able to point you to one of the better detailed threads.
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Thanks for your replies! What type of smokers do ya'll have? Do you have any comments/concerns regarding the Smoke Vault 24"?

Thanks again!!
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Welcome to the forum Jayhawk! First off, if you're a KU fan, sorry about the loss to Mizzou (okay, not really! icon_wink.gif)!

Second, you can get a cheap hot plate from Wal-Mart, a foil pie tin and some sawdust and cold smoke in a cardboard box if you wanted to! Well, perhaps a cardboard box would be a wee dangerous, but your new Smoke Vault will certainly do!
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I'm smoker poor right now...I have a Brinkmann All-In-One (gas or charcoal), an ECB, a Royal Oak electric and I'm waiting on the 18" Smoke Vault to go on sale here at Sportsman's Warehouse.

I love the Smoke Vault for its heavy steel body, nice big shelves and the fact that it comes with a jerky rack. I also love the controlability of the gasser over both my electric and charcoal units.

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Yeah, I'm a KU fan. Our football team is not so good. But, our basketball team is another story!! Going for the gold!
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Personally I'm a have a GOSM and a Smoke Vault 24" on the gasser side and a bandera on the charcoal side. So if you like the ease of a gasser go for the Vault 24" model I started out with the GOSM 16" model and it works great but you cann't get a whole rack of ribs in it. The vault to me is better built and it has a 23" grate so you can get large pieces of meat on them too. Now if you want a charcoal someelse will be around to tell you more about them. Oh ya
DADDY I like the GATORS better
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Just curious, which smoker do you use more...the Smoke Vault or the Bandera?
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