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First time - Canadian Bacon

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OK, so I've been lurking around for a lONG time on the forums. Finally I decided to try out Canadian Bacon.

I picked up a 9lb Pork Loin last week (was on SALE), and cut a 3 lb hunk off, figuring I could have up to 3 experiments as I learned what to do, without spending lots of $$.

So simple start - equal amount TQ and sugar. And stuff it in the fridge for 6 days.

Here it is after the cure.

My Little Chief smoker only gets up to about 160, so I pulled the bacon out after it hit about 135 to finish it in the oven.

Here it is after it hit 160.

I seasoned the loin with black pepper and some crab boil before smoking it with hickory and mesquite (it's what I had on hand).

It tastes awesome! Much better than I expected for my first attempt. Now I get to experiment with the other 6 lbs in the freezer!

Thanks for all the help you never even realized you gave me as I read the forums!
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Nice job.I love it myself and the satisfaction it gives...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nicely done, congrats !!!
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Good looking CB. You'll never go back to store bought!biggrin.gif
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Very good looking CB. biggrin.gif
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Nice looking CB!! I gotta try one of these!! And Lil' Cheifs ROCK. That's what I have been doing Salmon on for about 30 years!!
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Congrats on the first time... Looks Great...points.gif
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Way to T's .I have got a 2.5 lb in the fridge and it will be ready to smoke on Sat. I have a top loading little chief and have done a ton of smoking in it.But it seems I always end up finishing it in something else. Now I have a UDS and have upped the menu.But there aren't many rules to something that looks as good as your CB ..nice
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Good job! I am going to start a cure this weekend on my first CB.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Wow, that is a great job whether your first or tenth.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gifYou deserve some points.
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Great Job on yur first CB...Gotta be happy with that
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I think I'll crank up the smoker for the rest of the loin, and give out Christmas Bacon!
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Very nice bacon to you and it looks awesome.
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I'll PM you my address!!!tongue.gif
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That is some nice looking Canadian Bacon you got there. I have yet to smoke one and after looking at how well yours came out, I can see it is in my near future...biggrin.gif

Great Job..

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