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Bandera Cover

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Does anyone know where to purchase a cover for the Bandera?

Thank you.
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You can purchase one through the CharBroil website. I just got mine there about a month ago. It's a nice heavyweight one. Here's the link
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Very cool Dawn... I don't even have one...yet biggrin.gif
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I was not going to let my baby sit outside unprotected. LOL
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I bet she even puts it to bed and tucks it in at night...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thank you very much!
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LOL, you have no idea what I went through to get her.
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I'm curious. Are these smokers still available? I remember seeing something similar at Lowe's several years ago before I got into smoking. Thanks
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Yes sir. Although you may find them several places, we purchased ours last week at Academy Sports for $299. According to the experts on this Forum, a few modifications are necessary. I made my damper from aluminum foil as a stop-gap measure, but will soon attempt to find the measurements for a stainless 45% version...

If this continues to be as interesting to me as it is now, I would love to upgrade to a Horizon model. Comments?
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Seems folks have pretty good luck with the Bandera putting out some pretty good Q. I'm not real familiar with this particular model but sure seems like a nice model.
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I thought these models were discontinued.....or as in the GOSM are they being manufactured by a new manufacturer? If yes are there differences between the ones produced now and the "older" ones? Thanks
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Charbroil purchased New Braunfels in 1997, the ones built prior to that were heavier built than the new ones...

Article on New Braunfels Smoker Company:
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Please help; I can't find a cover for my new braunfels bandera smoker anywhere. Nearly all of the parts on charbroiles site are unavailable. Ease help
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