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Dumb question: cook time?

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Hey Everybody,

I've got an old smokey electric smoker. It has always cooked quite a bit quicker than "normal" for pork butts, brisket, etc. I'm smoking my first turkey, and the thermo reads ~165 after 2 hours! At this point, my theory is that the thermometer isn't reading correctly. Turkey has a pop-out timer that was already in place. Would you guys reccomend leaving the bird in until the pop-out pops?

Any input is appreciated!

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Use the internal temperature of the bird at the deepest point of the breast (170 to 175) Take that pop out POS out and throw it in the trash. Never trust that thing unless you want your bird dry and tasteless - my opinion of course.
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The pop up indicator has never worked when I smoke turkeys. I just leave it in to keep the hole plugged. Do like the Pig said and check the internal temp with a good instant read type thermo.
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I wouldnt call it a dumb icon_question.gif
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I agree with them check your thermo if its correct go by it. The only thing the pop up is good for is keeping the hole plugged.
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Thanks for the input guys.

Turkey turned out awesome! Just a touch dryer than I'd like, but the bird was good! I think the fam is going to want the same next year!
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