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pork butt and brown sugar?

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I'm sure rubbin some brown sugar on a pork butt help with the bark like it does for rib, or will it give it to much of a sweet flavor?
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It's done all the time generally with other spices as well. If you want extra bark use Mustard. Scoring the but will give you more surface area for bark as well.

I should have said it is used all the time as component of rubs.
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It should. But I have never used it straight up like that but I have used it in my rub mixture alot of the times. I guess it will add a sweetness to the meat.
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it will add some bark and definitely a touch of sweet. When you put brown sugar on hot meat, you'll see it turn to liquid and a lot runs off it.
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I use it all the time in my rubs for ribs and pork butt's. Creates bark and adds a little sweetness with spicyness
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and be sure to use the darkest brown sugar you can get. brown sugar us make by adding back some of the molasses and heavier elements that are cooked of f to get white sugar. i use this stuff from a bakery supply company that is very dark. it gives a richer flavor or you can use turbindado sugar its sugar that has not been processed all the way. .
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