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Thanks for all the great info here.....

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Hey all from Kansas. What a great site.
All I have is an old bullet smoker that I couldn't ever get to work great until I found this site and found the modifications for them. Done the mods, followed some recipies here, put in a 12lb natural turkey and it turned out fantastic.
Thanks a bunch.
I know most advise agin a larger turkey but after such great success with my first one I decided to give a 19lber a go. Brined him for 12 hrs and put him in the smoker at 3:30 this morning. Figured if it looks like he won't make it by noon that I would finish him off in the oven. I am able to get and keep my bullet right at 300 so will see what happens.
Better go out and check him.............Later, Nohog
A side note....the jug by the smoker is some peach wine that I made and this is what I used in the water tray. I personaly was pulling on a bottle of my homemade elderberry wine all afternoon.....was a great day of smokin'.biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forums Nohog. Great looking bird you smoked there, good luck with the 19 lb'er. Thanks for sharing the Q-view.
Now tell me more about them wines, thats something I want to do this winter. Along with a million other things.
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Welcome to SMF glad you decided to join us. Great looking bird PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Have fun and happy smoking.
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good looken bird ya got there.
i try to stay away from any over 12# but have done some 20 lbs or so.
welcome to smf from another kansan
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Welcome again to the great world of SMF. You did a great job on that bird and I wish you good luck on the 19 lber butpoints.giffor sure one for the birds you a prepared and hen pionts for the great things you have said about the good folks here at the forum.
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Welcome to the forum. That's a good looking bird. Good luck on today's smoke. You should be just fine with a 20 pounder as long as you maintain the 300 degrees.
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Welcome to SMF.Glad you joined us.
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Welcome to the forum~ you shouldn't have any problem with the bigger bird. Your other one looked fine PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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My 19lber.........

turned out great.

Put him in the bullet at 3:30 in the morning and by 11:30 the breast was at 170. Man that there boy was tastey......was a big hit and I could not have done it without this site and all the great advice here.
Now I's hooked........I wanna go smoke something elsebiggrin.gif

Hope the pic turns out......first time doing it as per instructions given here.

Anyways, Thanks to all you fine folks for the help.........
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Picture turned out great...just like your bird. Nice work, congratulations!
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As the saying goes, welcome to the addiction! Nice looking nineteen pounder and pretty color too. You did well, and continue to smoke can only get better.

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The Turkey Looks Great and the Wine Sounds Great...

Where in Kansas are you located?

I am in Kansas City, Kansas...
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Nice looking bird.
If you have some time how about posting up a how-to on making your peach wine !
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