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Which smoke box, tin or cast?

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I have a perfect flame smoker from Lowes. It came with a tin smoke box and I was thinking about using a cast smoke box. Which would be better to use? The tin does a good job at making charcoal (which I use in the Weber) but only smokes for an hour or so.
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If you can find a cast iron chip pan thats the one I would use but they are alittle hard to find so I would go with the heavies metal pan you can find.
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I have the cast iron model and love it.

Not sure about where you are, but Wal-Mart here always has them, and I have seen them at the local lowes as well.
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The propane smoker was easy to put together and it also came with a video which I watched to get the full experience. I did make a few minor modifications in that I did not use the smoker box that came with the unit. Instead I took a large coffee can and cut it down to where it would fit under the water pan.
The thin walled coffee can allowed the wood to start smoking within just a minute or so of putting it in and thus I did not lose any time waiting for the thick cast iron smoker box(which took half of forever and then some).

I followed his advice, I think he is a member here, but hey what ever works for you
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I am just trying to get the smoke to last longer.
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Go with a cast iron chip box. Cost should be between 10-15 dollars but worth it.
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In my GOSM I use one of these

Its big enough I put both soaked and dry chips in it and it smokes for quite awhile that way.
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So will the cast provide a longer smoke?
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Yes it won't burn up your wood as fast.
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I don't think that there is any connection between the smoke box material and length of smoke. Cast will take longer to start because it takes longer to heat up.

If you want a longer smoke use chunks if you have the room. If you don't, use a mix of dry and (I can't believe I'm actually typing this biggrin.gif) soaked chips.

Remember, you don't have to see smoke to be smoking. Keep it to thin wisps and if you can smell it, the meat is getting smoke.

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Thanks Dave, even though I was not seeing a lot of smoke, it did have a good smokey smell. I just wasn't sure if it was doing anything to the meat.
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Another question, do you guys keep the lid to the smoke box on or off?
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my small GOSM came with the small cast iron chip box with cover. I didn like how often I had to reload it, so I recently replaced it with as large of a cast iron frying pan i could fit in there, I can go 3+ hours without adding chunks, which allows me to keep the door closed, and the smoker doing its magic.

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When I used the smoke box I kept the lid on. If you can smell the smoke or see just a wisp of smoke thats perfect thats the thin blue smoke we all seek
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