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Disaster in Virginia!!!

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Well, perhaps not true disaster, but it sure did suck.

Last weekend I was going to smoke my first picnic. I set up the trashpile smoker for an all Saturday ordeal. I spent quite a long time getting this masterpiece going. Many moppings and injectings, many this thing was on till the 11th hour and it was starting to fall apart, like it should.

I took a few sample bites and I was proud of my first effort. I figured I'd let the charcoal die down and do it's thing, getting all the bang out of it I could. I actually had a little flame going, so I decided to put my "all metal" grill brush into it to burn the gunk off.

I came back a half hour later to find my all metal grill brush burning, turns out that evidently there is plastic in metal...or I'm just a moron. I took the brush out, and noted that my picnic now had a nice layer of plastic smokieness too it.

Now, I have a background in environmental health, and know enough about what's in plastic to know you don't want to ingest the byproducts of it burning, but I had to take a small bite.....mmmmm, plasticky!

I removed all the skin (boo) and figured I'd be able to keep the inside. After a night of sleeping on it, I decided that I wasn't going to feed that to my breastfeeding wife or myself. Not even the dog got to try. I was pissed at myself.

Soooo, right now I'm doing 16lbs of butt in my MES that I got in the mail yesterday. I will serve it at my friends Pre-Thanksgiving extravaganza tonight.

I'm sure others have had disasters, I'd love to hear about it.

Happy Turkey day, be thankful...that you're not a turkey.
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Oh that sucks!! Better safe than sorry on the plasticized meat though. I haven't had any disasters yet, but I am sure they will come.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
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sorry to hear,but do not get demoralized

There are certainly many super tasty picnic to follow
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Sorry to hear about your disaster...
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I'm not discouraged, I was just mad at myself. I built a wood fire in the grill box and let it go, burning out any plastic that may have been left.

I like playing with fire, but this electric bit is alot easier. I'm actually getting alot more done today on a day off.
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Sorry to hear about your misfortune. But points to you for sharing it with us. That's not easy to do, and doing so, it might help the next guy out. looking forward to your next attempt.
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Now that sure sucks a big one for for you. But it will be something to laugh at right now. Then you won't try to smoke your tools later.
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I'd send that brush back to either the store or the manufacturer with your story. If it was claimed to be all metal I think you should be due for a refund at least and compensation for the ruined meat at best.

My wife thinks nothing of wrapping her plate in plastic wrap and then into the nuker. I use a plate inverted on top of my plate. Sure you have to clean two plates instead of one that way. If there is more than one person heating stuff in the nuker you can all use the same plate/lid. I just don't trust plastic wrap after it has been nuked while touching my food.

Some wraps say safe in the nuker some don't , I don't trust any of them.

PS metal does burn. Was your brush made of spun iron wool and was your BBQ full of pure argon?
See there Mr. Butler...... I did learn something in science 10 after all....hee hee
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What a bummer!! Plastic metal, who would of thunk it?
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