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Went with the 3/4 HP Cabelas. Had it about 4 years now. When things do get bound up it's nice to have a reverse.
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i got a nu 32 manual with a pulley and a 1700 rpm motor and mounted it on an old air compressor. the 3200 on it was shot and its mobile. we call it the rhino grinder. ps. build safety shields for belts!!!!!!! they are non forgiving.
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well i got the notherntool grinder for x-mas from the wife. I have 4 deer between what i have shot for myself and my uncle to try it out on. Thanks for all the advice.
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Congratulations! Let us know how you like it and post some Qview of it in action! Your reviews will definitely help others make their decisions easier!
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Sausage Grinder - Home Made

I use a grinder after hunting a few deer, and mixing deer meat with pork. Do not tell the OSHA safety inspectors about this, but here goes:

- Purchase a large hand grinder. Remove the handle.
- Place a wheel on the grinder (about 10 inches)
- Get a referigerator motor (up to 2 HP) with a small wheel.
- Purchase one belt to fit grinder and motor
- Mount grinder and motor on 10 x 2 board about 4 feet long.
- Adjust to provide the appropriate tension on the belt.
- Get the kids, dog, and especially your wife out of the way.
- Do not wear a tie or other loose clothing. Do wear shorts.
- Turn it on. Give this thing your full attention
- Drop meat in grinder (mixing both deer meat and pork)
- Catch in large bowl
- Add seasoning

I have never been able to "choke" this grinder. It is not pretty, but it works.

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