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quick rib question

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I like to do my baby backs 2-2-1, Well got a last minuet request for some tonight. Can I do a 2 hour smoke at home, foil and then tansport and return to a electric smoker(or God forbid oven) at the party location about 30-45 min later?
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I think you'll be fine provided you wrap it well in foil and then a few warmed towels and toss in a cooler.
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kinda what I was thanks
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Yes, you can. You are going to wrap them in foil and then towel. that will keep the temps stable for the most part
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^^^^^^^^^^^you folks type fast
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Great avatar flatbroke!
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Yes I agree with all of these guys as long as the ribs are about 140 atleast then wrap them several times with foil and pack the cooler full of towels. then you should be fine. And you flatbroke that is a nice avatar is your son or daughter in the states our's is in germany awaiting deployment to Iraq in december.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Why would we say yes to the ribs being partially cooked but not other foods that we are currently discussing, like turkeys?

Is there a difference?
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