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Brine for process turkey

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The least processed turkey I can fine here has an 7% solution injected with 2% of the being salt. Should I take this into account when I brine the turkey?
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That would depend on the amount of salt in the brine your using but if it doesn't have to much salt I wouldn't worry about it. Its hard to find anything but fresh turkeys that haven't been enhanced and fresh is hard to find in many places
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That turkey's BEEN brined. You can make a weak brine, and add flavoings- white wine, rosemary, thyme, etc... and perhaps 1/3 normal brine salt concentration, but most of osmosis has occurred in "solution added" birds.
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I'd listen to theses guys they are telling you some good things and they really know what they are talking about.
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With the brine I use I've done enhanced turkey's an ain't never had a bit a trouble with em.
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