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Sausage Stuffers

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Ok so i want one for christmas. Hey after giving my daughter away next week it will make me feel better.LOL

I know the vertical LEM is popular but what about the horizontal LEM. I found one 11lbs for 167.00. Does anyone have experience with the horizontal models out there!
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Grizzly has a 5# unit for $69.99. It would be great for those making small amounts. I have heard that it is a nice solid stuffer...

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Does the Grizzly stuffer come with metal gears?
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I see this question come up all the time and would like to give my two cents.
Although a cast steel gear will obviously last longer, I can't ever imagine breaking a gear while stuffing sausage. You really don't exert that much force on the unit while its doing it's job and the plastic gears should last almost forever. (just my opinion, I got an old steel gear unit :))
Sorry Rick I never tried a horizontal unit so I'm no help to ya at all but I've heard good things about the vertical LEM
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I'll be watching this thread closely for I want a sausage grinder and stuffer for b-day and christmas too. So you get the good one and tell me/us how it works.
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Don't think I can really give you any good advice on the LEM Rick...I was looking at them awhile back, but it was that water powered horizontal unit. I believe they have given up on them right?

Their other units seem to be pretty well built, but depending on the amount you're gonna stuff you may be better off looking a little closer at the Grizzly or the Northern Tool units.

I'm still using my kitchen aid mixer to stuff mine pal....let me know how you make out so I can get a birthday list goingicon_wink.gif
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I found the 15 lb Northern tool unit is metal geared dI think and under 200.00
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I know I am still sausage newbie but I agree with Dan. I got the 5# unit from Northern and the only way I can see that you would strip the gears is if the plunger got to the bottom and you cranked on it super hard. That being said, I wish I would have bought something bigger. 5# is just not big enough IMHO. Based on what I have seen from your posts Rick, something bigger than a 5lbs is the way to go for you.
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I started with a 4 quart Enterprise, then moved up to a 6 quart Enterprise and now have a 30 pound, 2 speed made by The Sausage Maker. I am hoping I do not ever feel the need for a larger one.
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Cabelas has a sale on stuffers (commercial grade)!!!!!

I just scored on a 20 lb commercial grade stuffer and the commercial grade motor for the stuffer (hands free operation) for a total of $398.99 plus tax.

The stuffer alone was $269.99. The motor in the store was 129.00 (which was $20.00 less than online. I'll pick it up this week....eee haaaaa PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifbiggrin.gif
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Man thats a good stuffer I think It would work for me I'm sure. Thanks Rick for finding it and posting it too.
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I have the 15lb. Northern Tool stuffer and am glad I got that instead of the 5lb. You buy one butt it's going to go 6-8 lbs. average so with the 5lb. you know you're going to have to reload it twice. With the 15 lb. you can do it in one shot.
I bought a two-pack of butts Fri. and made Italian sausage today, it was 14.5 lbs. I couldn't get the whole amount into the stuffer so I had to reload once, but I did about 12lbs. in one load. Had I had the 5 lb stuffer I would have had to do it probably 4 times to get it all done; that's too much work for the price difference. Plus, the 15lb. does have metal gears and built like a tank, all stainless steel and super well built. I don't regret the purchase whatsoever.
An 11 lb. horizontal stuffer again is less capacity and being horizontal, it's almost required to use two people to stuff - one to crank and the other to feed the casing - the spread between the two operations is too far to reach by one person. Hence that's why they came up with the vertical. I would strongly recommend the 15 lb. 'er if you can see your way clear in spending that much, you won't regret the investment, and if you don't you'll be always asking yourself "I shudda.." Your sausage making will increase as friends and family become super impressed by your talents and you'll definitely need the extra capacity. I'm now thinking by retirement I may need to upgrade to a 30 or 40 lb. capacity one!

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Thanks pops.This makes sense.The 15 pounder will work great for me...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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LEM rocks

I just bought the 5lb vertical LEM stuffer from the Bass Pro Shop and I love it. I've only used it once so far on 5 lbs of snack stix w/ sheep casings and it could not have been easier. I ran the stuffer at 12:30 at night, drunk, and by myself and it still worked perfectly. Stuffer was $149. I would recommend it to anyone who is not doing and a$$load of snausage at a time. I think even a 25 lb batch is cool with this stuffer. Gotta put another casing on anyway, what diff will it make if you gotta add more meat? It's got an air release valve too.
Dig it.

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Forgot to mention that the 15lb. is on sale at Northern Tool for $199, reg. $229.
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I bought this stuffer about a year ago and it is great for making small amounts of sausage. I have used it several times and has worked well for me. The canister is stainless and the rest of the stuffer is built well. It does not have metal gears but I don't see how you could put enough pressure on the gears to strip them. The only con I have is it don't hold 5# of sausage. I can only get about 4 1/2# in and have to reload once for my 5# batches... It's kind of funny that the price has gone up only 4 cents from last year... I paid $69.95 for mine... Hope this helps...
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gander moutain has there 15lbs stuffer on sale for 179.99 and you can use there 15% off coupon and to top it off you get free shipping comes to like 152 shipped to the door.

Same stuffer as the northern tool i belive its the metal gears also.
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I just bought a Vivo verticle 5lb stuffer on Amazon for $120.  It has the metal gears and after stuffing a lot of sausage with a hand stuffer this thing was a godsend.  I love it.

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I just got the vivo 22lb stuffer off eBay for $150. The thing is huge!!

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