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canandian bacon, pastrami, cornvenison, oh my

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took 2 pork loins out of the cure today and seasoned for the smoker.
just a little black pepper. over cherry wood. my favorite Canadian bacon
I cure with equal parts cure and brown sugar with a touch of garlic.

I also took 2 loins and 3 sirloin venison roasts out of brine today
all rinsed and soaked, (I use Rytek's corned beef brisket brine recipe.)
the 2 venison loins and small sirloin piece are going in the smoker with the Canadian bacon for pastrami.
the 3 sirloin venison roasts are seasoned and in the slow roast oven for deli style corned beef (venison) I didnt take a picture of them but I will later.

the Canadians

the venison Strami!

Heading to the smoker over cherry wood. will get a spritz or 2 of apple cider during the smoke. I will smoke them to 145* then foil with apple cider and take to 170* cool over night and slice.
now on to my next project for today
25# of fresh Bratwurst. which will be in another thread
thanks for looking.
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Keep us updated. Looking good so far.
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Sweet. Can't wait to see it when it's all done.

May the smoke be with you today!
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Nice load of meat there. Waiting for the finish.
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Looking good.....
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Man those things look great and I cann't wait for it to done so hurry up please I'm so hungery now.
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here they are at the turn
strami and canadian bacon at foil time
both back in until the hit 170*
I will post the final sliced up deli meat and bacon in the morning
along with the corned venison which is at about 160* right now

venison pastrami ready for foil

Canadian Bacon ready for foil
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I did make 25# of fresh brats today also but I didnt take the time to
do any Qview, me bad, sorry. they did turn out great just as always
and we are having some for supper.
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here is the final tally from yesterdays ventures
25# brats, 3# Canadian bacon, 5# corned venison and 3# of venison pastrami.
working on a batch of venison Jerky today

venison pastrami. I can honestly say that is tastes just like beef pastrami.

corned venison. came out of the same brine as the pastrami, but I roasted it instead of smoking it

Canadian bacon

Some of the Brats

full size sheet pan full : 3 bags of corned venison, 2 bags venison pastrami, 2 bags of Canadian bacon and a few bags of tbe 25# batch of Brats.
Thanks for looking
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nicely done!
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Wow. You're set for quite a while. All of that looks amazing. Good job outta you!

points.gifsays it all!
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Lots of smoking there, all looks good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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now get some canada goose breast and do some deli style corned goose. It makes geese worth shooting.biggrin.gif
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Holy sausage batman !!!!!!!!points.gif
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Nice work.
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Good grief Uncle Lar, you did great! What a fine looking bunch of meat you have there, and nicely sliced as well. Loved that roasted corned! I am imagining it warm, with some young swiss cheese, and a yeasty bread with maybe a touch, just a touch, of horseradish....yum!

Thanks for posting your excellent cooking, you've earned big points from me!

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