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Pork loin sale at Sam's

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Whole pork loins at 1.48 a pound at the local Sam's here in Thornton, CO. I love cutting my own steaks, or what my wife calls personal size roasts. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I think they were 1.38 here last week. Didn't have any room in the freezer though.mad.gif
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Wow, you guys are killing me. In this pasrt of Florida, I see them go for $1.89 lb on sale.
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Same here. Just at the store today. Was 1.85 a pound in the "managers special" section.
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$1.48---Wow!, and the one I have curing was regular $3.99, on sale for $1.79 per pound. That's about the lowest I've seen around here for a long time.

BTW: I should be smoking another CB on Thursday, with that venison "fresh to smoked sausage trial" I mentioned before, with lots of Qview.
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i just went to sams in melbourne florida and picked up a loin for 138 a lb here
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I wandered into a local HEB (Texas food chain) store on Tuesday for something, and took my traditional stroll past the meat departemnt. I thought I was halluicinating - whole pork loins for $1.00/lb! I only bought two - my freezer and fridge are fully stuffed with a recent flurry of sausage, salami, summer sausage and pepperoni making activity, not to mention some more beef and pork butt cryo-packs waiting to be cooked.

Went back yesterday and the "Manager's Sale" was over... icon_eek.gif

Told the wife that we need to find room for another freezer - then have one for raw materials and one for finished product!
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The price of pork is skyrocketing here... Food Lion just placed an ad and have loins for $2.25 a lb now. I no longer see butts less then $119 a lb either. Whats going on? I think china has something to do with it. We are a port city with huge export terminlas. Maybe they can get more for it in China?
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I will have to go check the prices at our local sam's and see if they have the loins on sale and what they cost. Then I will go to the restaurant depot where I just got my cards for and check their prices on all the meats we smoke.
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I went to Kroger to get a Porkloin and ended up with 8 nice 7-9 pound butts for 75 cents a pound.....Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt get a loin...I put the butts in the freezer for later
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