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noob ? about uds

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I burned out the drum. I only had like a clearish golden color liner.

The ? is now I'm wire brush cleaning it out. There is ash stuck to the side and rust. Do I have to get down to bare metal all for the whole thing? or will some be ok??

Then on the seasoning I rub fat all over the inside then get my temps up to 350 for an hour or so. Then bring it down to 250?? then cook a fatty.

Thanks for any help I'm a big time noob.
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I'd get it all out if ya can.

I just used cheap spray oil an took mine to 250° F then raised the temp to 350°F for a couple hours, then dropped down to 250°F an let the drum go. Then reloaded coals an smoked on it.

Lots a ways to season it, none er really wrong.
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What was in the drum? I suggest getting as much as you can down to bare metal.

You can rub it down with fat or us pam on the inside. I didn't do either and it still came out OK. I would just run it at 300F for a few hours to season it.
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Sweet thanks so much you guys are great.

Here is the inside of my drum. It had honey in it.

here is my basket. I hope its big enough. Its 13 1/2" x 11" and 7"deep.

another one and this one you can see that it has 3" below it.

Sorry for the pic's next one will be from my camera and not my cell.
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Another ? about UDS do you guys and gals clean them after cooks?? Like wipe it down to keep it from growing mold??

or spray it out??
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I remove the unused charcoal and use a plastic putty knife to scrape off any ash/grease that's caked on the ashpan and also the bottom of the drum. I use a paper towel to wipe down any excess moisture in the bottom of the drum. I don't get to carried away. I just don't want the bottom to rust. biggrin.gif

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you got that thing way cleaner inside than i did with mine, good job
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