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First time spareribs with Qview

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We have been so inspired by all the great chefs here that we are trying something new. Haven't done spareribs before and only done BB's once, so all new deal for us. I have looked over about 4 or 5 different rib rub recipes and decided to make one that would fit my family since they don't like alot of heat. I also thought I would try mustard rub too but only brave enough to do one side.

So here's our start:

Three spareribs, cleaned, patted dry and silver skin removed.

Rubbed down with some mustard on one side and rib rub on the other.
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Those Are Some Nice Looking Ribs Pepe...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice looking ribs to start with, keep the qview coming.
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Yeah, those look good. I bet they turn out yummy!!!
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they see now already nicely
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Nice rubbed pics, now just need tos ee them done and cut, show me a smoke ring :) points.gif
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Here are the rest of the pics after our bellies are full. Our dinner turned out very well. The ribs were very flavorful and were falling off the bone. We were only able to smoke two racks of ribs because our Lil' Texas couldn't hold all three. (maybe now I can talk the wifey into a bigger smoker for Christmas)

Here are the spareribs going on to the Traeger. Notice my little "invention" for two racks in a one rack smoker.

This was right after the foil stage the ribs were already at 176 degrees. I wasn't expecting to get to 172 for another hour or so. But they were done a little early.

Here's a little shot of the "ring". (There you go RaceyB)

My mother-in-law brought along a nice salad to go with our meal. Dipping up our plates with garlic mashed potatoes, Grecian bread and our delicious ribs.

Got so excited over our ribs that I left our foil outside and our 13 week old puppy thought he found a new toy. Here it is at the scene of the crime.

I have a couple of questions for you all. I didn't smoke one rack of ribs. They are still in plastic in our fridge. How long will they keep like that before they go bad? Or should I plan on smoking them tomorrow?
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Freeze the ones you didnt cook and then just thaw when ready to cook. I believe that everyne does this, I know I do. i bought 30 racks first of the summer and about to cook the last 8 racks

I tell ya, those you cooked looks wonderful..great job
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.giflooks great
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Well I would say that the ribs were a huge success. Man they look good, nice pull back off the bone and a nice smoke ring. Good job. points.gif
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Those look terrific. Great smoke ring.
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Thanks everyone.

Meathunter....we just noticed your avatar, we both got a good laugh from that one.
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I like....great looking ribs with terrific smoke ring and you got both of em.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the smoke ring shot. It was beautiful! points.gif

Toss the rubbed ribs into a good sealed bag and freeze. The plus is as it defrosts for next smoke, it is ready to go and has time to absorb rub.

Beautiful ribs.
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Those look delicious.I noticed your first photos got deleted.

If you delete photos on photobucket it can effect all your pics.I have 500 pics or so in my account and have only used 10% of account...
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Thanks Alx for the catch on those first pics. I had moved them to their own folder. Had to edit that, they are back up.
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Great job Pepe... they look fantastic PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Your ribs look fabulous and tastey too. I like that you didn't trim them to the st. Louis cut. I like mine untrimmed also. As far as your un somked ribs just throw them in the freezer and if you have one do the food saver thingy. If you don't have one go buy one now. We buy all our meat when it's on sale and re-pack it with the food saver. The last time ribs were on sale we bought 21 racks.
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Hey PK,

Really nice looking ribs and meal. Also, I'm giving you points for your ingenuity during the smoke, and lobbying Mrs. PK for a larger smoker to add to your arsenal. With ribs like that, she won't be a hold out for long! points.gif
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