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Looks Great!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks fellas! Check this out....

I felt the need to get this posted ASAP. It is unanimous by land-slide...all taste tests (blind) voted for the spicy. The regular is good also, but the touch of cayenne and cinnamon put the spicy version over the top. It's not hot at all, just a hint of the cayenne with the cinnamon really pulls it all together.

The only draw-back from this experience is, I have 10# of regular and 5 # of spicy icon_redface.gif. But who would have known what the family would like best? That's why I did the blind taste test.

My Nesco Pro slicer is getting a workout...slice a couple pounds, then shut down for a cool down...even the 150 watt motor is a bit light...definately not for continuous duty:

The salt content after doing the 45 minute soak is nearly perfect...could have went 15 minutes longer, I think. They fully cured, as you can see, and the flavors of both are very good. Like I said thought, go for the spicy if you want to taste something you'll really remember and want to try again.

Thanks again everyone!

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Just a teaser here...

CB/Beef Salami/Chicken Sausage sandwich:


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Looks fantastic. What internal temp did you take these to?
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Thanks! I gotta keep this stuff in a locked freezer or else it would disappear overnight! LOL!!!

160* was the target temp...they all came out within 5 or 6 minutes of each other and I had one go to 162 if I remember correctly...but 160* is good to go with the curing for a fully cooked could pull 'em @ 140* if it will be cooked (like on pizza) before eating. I went 160* so I wouldn't have one of my kids grab the wrong kind by mistake to make a sandwich...they're not the best at reading labels... icon_redface.gif They just know that what I cook is good, so they eat it!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

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Just started mine last night. Will post a little while later and let keep you guys updated!
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I got to give that a try. Looks great.
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