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Surprise! ABTs and Pepper Shooter Armadillo Eggs

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Yesterday I decided to surprise my Brother with some smoked goodness while he was at work.
He is a manager in a Restaurant around here and when you work in a restaurant you tend to get pretty tired of eating the same old thing day after day.

Figured I would make him some ABTs that were stuffed with cream cheese, a blend of cheddar, jack and asadero, some chipotle rub and a few dashes of hot sauce

I also made some of my favorite appetizers, they are modeled after armadillo eggs (cream cheese stuffed jalapeno wrapped in sausage) but these are made using pepper shooters (marinated hot cherry peppers stuffed with aged provolone wrapped in proscuitto) wrapped in JD bold sausage

Smoked over oak and pecan, took about 3 hours. Was extremely windy that day.

Almost finished

Out of the smoker

I had to taste test a few just to be sure they weren't poisoned

Also took him in a chunk of pastrami I made a few days ago so some of the management could enjoy pastrami sammies.

The smoky goodness didn't last long, he told me that people were going on and on about how good everything was and how much they loved it.
Not much BBQ around here and the little bit that is available leaves a lot to be desired so I'm glad he got a good meal and that everyone he worked with loved the food.
Get the word out there, the buzz about my smoke going before I open a small Q catering business (hopefully icon_wink.gif)

Thanks for looking, if you have access to pepper shooters give 'em a try, just be sure to drain the excess oil in them of the sausage won't seal properly.
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You will do very well, bud. No doubt about it!
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I would like to be your brotherPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Everything looks good. Glad they were a big hit. smile.gif
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So I guess being your brother does pay off sometimes. Those are some good looking Armdillo eggs I guess i'm going to have to make some soon. maybe before I rack the leaves or the game comes on one.
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Looks great fire.Was that supposed to be my pastrami???
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Cool that it worked out.If we do a gathering/get together i will be anticipating some of your pastrami or beef sammies or.........PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those do look good...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks fantastic. I'm saving this thread so I can try those Armadillo eggs. What temp did you cook them to and how far in did you put your temp probe (i.e. just measuring the sausage or the inside of the pepper)?
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Normally I smoke them at the normal 225 but temps were a bit lower in the smoker due to the wind whipping around like crazy, but normall I do them 225 and they take about 2 hours, I put the probe in to the middle of the pepper and brought to 165 that way I know the sausage is completely done and has firmed up enough to eat them with your hands, the bit of olive oil left in the pepper and some of the juice dripping down from the sausage makes some of them "squirt" when you bite into it and you just get a flavorful blast, unless it squirts the wrong way, then you just get a messy shirt of floor, those are the best ones though.
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looks good!!!!!!!!!!
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well im heading to the store to get some peppers....i gotta try those eggs.....they look awesome
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I'll take 2 please.
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Those look great. Made some ABT's yesterday with the 4H kids
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MAN...I have to try those
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OMG!! those are freakin awesome. i'll be tryin that soon!
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oh man what a lucky brother...those look great !
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nice, I really gotta try those stuffed cherry peppers wou did. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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fire it up,

those cherrypeppers, do you stuff them yourself?

I am thinking of a variation on your theme for tomorrow.
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