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that pan looks more like an oil pan or fluid pan for oil and lubricants. I use an aluminum cake pan or even an aluminum pizza pan
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well i bought a pizza pan but it isnt much bigger than the grate and there is no lip to hold the ashes on it
ohh damn galvanized bad crap i forgot
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for real? no one has used galvanized metal? its that bad?
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If burned it will release hexavalent chromium and is a carcinogen.
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You did a fine job with thats Uds there.
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A great build. I'm jelous. Where are you guys finding all these quality drums!?

Yep. And Aside from that, it starts flaking off and flying everywhere like paper ash, too. I gave a pork butt a metalflake finish in a unit I slapped together out of a trashcan on it's second smoke.
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getting more done

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Get yourself one of these cheapo tabletop charcoal BBQ grills


Throw every thing but the bottom in the trash and use the bottom for an ash pan. Works great and the price is right.

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i'll have to check that out thanks
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Looking great so far!
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That 12" x 24" expando from Home Depot makes a great charc basket. Just cut it in half lengthwise and either bolt or weld it together. Here's mine that I did that way. It holds half a 20 lb bag of charc.

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Looks a lot more professional than mine. I like that
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so that basket is only 6inches high? how many hours can you get on one load?
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ohh and what kind of bolts do you use on the basket? regular zinc coated?
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i like your basket, looks good, but i already have the 13" rack or whatever size it is so i just bought 2 of the 12 by 24 expanded metal sheets and will bolt them together to fit it. any one think a wire clothshanger will be ok to tie it to the grate?
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Yup the basket is only 6" high. i haven't had the opportunity to do a long smoke in it yet, but have been told it will do a 12-14 hour smoke. I fired it up for it's test run with all the vents open and let it run wild. it took 1 1/2 - 2 hours to get up to 525º and I let it run that way for awhile, then shut it down to 225º and did a 4 hour smoke. I closed the bottom vents at 10:30 PM and when I went to load it back up the next morning at 9:30 AM it still had hot coals in it. That's 18 hours.

All the bolts are stainless except the leg bolts and those got heated with a torch almost til they glowed.

You can still take one of your 12 x 24 sheets back. you probably won't need one larger than the one that I have. And yes, coat hanger wire will work just fine. I used "L" brackets bolted to the expando and bolted to the bottom of the charcoal grate.
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ok great info john sorry if my questions were off i was on my cellphone looking at your pics and could barely see them, but now on my computer they are much better. that basket looks bigger in the pic than 6 inches, pics can be deceiving. and i couldn't see the grate at the bottom of your basket either until now so that looks like the same one i have. the most i would think of smoking anything would be like 12-14 hours so if the 6 inch high basket will do that then i will take one of the pieces back and save 10 bucks. i like the l bracket idea too might have to do that. my next problem is i am seeing the red liner color inside still after 2 really hot burns so i guess i have to keep going with the grinding brush? or do you think i burned out all the bad stuff?
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It'll work just fine. I used one to stitch my basket togather for my chargriller.
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well shes on her maiden voyage, i put one pork chub in to season her up. pics soon, thanks everyone on here couldnt have done it without you guys.
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Nice, can't wait for your impressions.
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