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Bone in Pork Loins..

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Few weeks ago the IGA store had whole bone in pork loins on sale
for 88 cents a pound . I wanted to get one in the freezer for a
special cookin' this coming weekend. I went by the store after I got off work and my meat buddy was gone for the day and all they had in the case was whole ones tha had been sliced and mounded up onna styrofoam
platter and wrapped up. I bought one because the price was right for
the freezer. Close to 50 chops total. Next day I hurried up and got there before he left and asked if he had one that was not cut up yet..
wanted it fer smokin' you know.. Doug said ''sure, can't sell it to you
though''..... Right off the bat I figgered there was some store policy,rules
or some such.. WHY !!!... remember, U might need that old ass tractor
resurected again some day!!.. He laughed and patted me onna shoulder
and told me that he had no way to wrap it.. I went back and took a look
and felt like a fool... 4 feet long.. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif... I have NO idea why I didn't think of that.. My cooking surface ain't but 26'' long.. I had him cut it in half
which was plenty big and we managed to get it wrapped. best I can remember it was over 25 pounds total.

Last one I smoked turned out as dry as a popcorn fart.. Somebody
hang some pointers on me. I think I cooked it to death. I was always tought that pork had to be DONE.. Well it WAS.. If I remember I pulled it at 180 and foiled it and let er sit for an hour before supper. My Pot bellied
Rottweilers made out like a fat rat that nite.

need some ideas on temps and rubs and the whole wad. I just put
half of it in the bottom of the fridge to thaw slow for next weekend.

Thanx, Hemi..PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Man 180 is way too high...145-150
Wrap in some bacon and I am simple rub type person, salt, pepper, onion powder....
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I have finally found a real old school butcher. Who carries bone in pork loin and he trimmed it so I could cut into chops after I smoked it. I smoked it on at 225 and pulled it at 145 and it was really good and juicey.
So don't give up on them yet because I think you just smoked it too long so shorten your smoke and I think you'll be fine.
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140' - 145' you will be fine. Use a drip pan with some chix or beef stock for some drippings also.

It will be great.
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