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How much?

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Got talked to at church this morning about doing some BBQ for our church homecoming. Last year I did some Boston Butts as an addition to all the other food. Now they want me to do all the meat. They want Boston Butts and I need to know the rules of thumb for figuring how much per person to make. They expect 150 people, men, women and children. He will get me a better breakdown later. I would want to do a certain percentage more just in case. Above all I want to avoid the most horrific scenario...NOT ENOUGH MEAT!!! AHHHHGGGGHHH!eek.gif!

Pointers would be great.
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1/4 pound per person is standard rule of thumb.....Thats finished product....
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Cool, Thanks!
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I have to agree with scpatterson with about 1/4 lb per person. Sometimes you have to remember you have a bunch of sides to go with your pp.
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