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Thighs with Near the End Garden Veggies

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Sales on chicken since wednesday.Marinated these thighs in sherry/soy sauce with a bunch of my garlic

Some lump and a chunk of pecan and red oak indirect on the ancient webber kettle.

Chicken thighs done and waiting

Made some quick noodles

Some of the last of garden veggies

Roasted some cherry tomato and eggplant

3-4 types sweet peppers

Cubbed up boneless/skinless thighs

Mixed together with fresh garden veggies

I like the bite of this cheeese in these type dishes

use my potato peeler to slice thin

Dinner with fresh tyme added at end.Maybe few more skillet cooks and left to dreaming of another year!!!!!!!!

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Man Alex, That looks great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now thats what I call a salad there alex. Yet another fine job you have done for us. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks amazing
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Great dish you have there.
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Great looking smoke, thanks for the qview. Thighs are my favorite.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That's some mighty fine cooking! Excellent meal and preparation pics!
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Just another great idea from awesome posters.
Looks very nice.
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Awesome...simply awesome. The freshness just screams through the computer screen.

Although I am quite an accomplished baker (GIANT sweet tooth), I have never made home made noodles. Any chance we could convince you to give a how to tutorial on those? I have some more left over brisket that is screaming to be made into stroganoff with noodles, and I would love to give this a shot.

points.gifon this for sure!
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first off thanks for the beautiful pix!!! that looks great... what a nice combo of colors, looks very appetizing. as a fellow gardner i love the use of what you have, there is nothing that beats the taste of veggies you grow in your own dirt!!! nice job my friend!!! points.giffrom me and thank you for sharing!!!
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Looks and Sounds good
good photographPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You never fail to impress Alex, beautiful looking dish.
I love the color of perfectly grown veggies all mixed together in a rainbow of home grown goodness.
What kind of eggplants were those?
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looks good alex........
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They are called long purple jim.After years of growing different types i find these the best in my opinion.If you wanna grow and can not find-i can send you some seeds....
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i thought they were eggplants do they taste?
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Awesome rob.I have grown many variety and like these the best.They do not have alot of seeds and love the heat of summer.I water em as much as anything i grow and they just produce and produce....

Half-Greek friend of mines aunt is from greece and she absolutely loves them...I bring her some weekly for some herbs...
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but can they grow in my heat?
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They do great here in hottest part of summer 90-100 degrees and full sun.If peppers grow in your heat- i think eggplant would do fine.They do like water and i foliar feed every 2 weeks with a mixture of kelp extract/fish emulsion...
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