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Curing your butt?

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I was wondering, has anyone here ever tried using Morton's Tender Quick on Pork Butts? I can buy butts for .89 cents a lb. and would like to see if it taste like ham. Getting ready for Thanksgiving and practicing on different meats. If this works then do I brine it with the Tender Quick or inject it or both? Can I add some things to the brine at the same time or should I just use water and TQ?
Thanks, I get alot of info from all you old timers!
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I would use a salt/sugar cure such as Country Brown Sugar Cure at Butcher Packer's:

There is also a Tenderquick sugar cure but it has artificial smoke flavoring added.

Or, you can make up your own brine for a wet cure; I use 1 cup sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup salt and 1 tbsp. DQ cure (Butcher Packer) to a ½ gal. of water. DQ cure is the nitrate without the salt like what Tenderquick is.

Regardless, if you wet brine you need to inject the butt so the cure gets all the way inside. Soak for 2 weeks. Dry curing you'll have to ask some of the others about, always wet-cured.
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You should check with Ronp. He cures everything and I'm sure he could help you out with your hams curing.
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Thanks Mark,

I cure butts a lot with TQ, follow the instructions on the bag one cup TQ 4 cups water. Make enough brine to cover then pump it with an injector till it won't take anymore and hold in a container for 3-4 days. You may need to cover with a plate or a baggie filled with water to keep it submerged and then do the fry pan test, I like to take a plug out of the center to make sure it is fully cured, if it is it will be pink, like ham, and not brown. If it is too salty for you soak for a few hours and test again.

Here is a link from my last one:

Good luck and if I can be any help just pm me.
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Curing butts

Thanks Ronp, thats what I was looking for. I'll let you know how it turns out. I've two butts, got one curing now and will do the other one for pulling.
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