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Hi. Does anyone have any experience with the Smokin Tex 1400? I'm new here but have been using charcoal, wood and propane smokers for years. Due to the fact that I'm in a wheelchair and getting older I'm trying to simplify life but still want to eat well. For my first smoke I'm doing two 8 lb Boston Butts. Temp seems to be holding well but those last few degrees are being quite evasive. Going on 14 hrs now at 225-250. Using the Maverick 7-T thermometer I've used for years. Yes I do cook to temp! Any comments appreciated. Old, but not too old to learn. Thanks.
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Welcome aboard.

Looks like you hit a plateau. Keep at it and you will make it through. Sometimes an 8 pounder can take 12 hours for me and sometimes 17. I guess thats why we should never plan on our butts to be done at a certain time but rather a temp. If I am cooking for a planned meal, I always make sure that I finish the butt hours before the meal, then I can foil it, wrap it in towels and drop it in a cooler for a few hours and pull it before the meal.

Once you make it past the plateau, the temp will start rising again.
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Yep I agree with Blue, sounds like you hit the oh so famous plateau.

Just give it some time and avoid the temptation to open doors and check.

All meat will hit a plateau of some kind during the cook, some are short while others just drag on and on and on. Just depends on the cut, each cut is different.

Welcome to the family and good luck.

If you can try and post some pictures, we love q-view
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I have the same unit and had a smoke last week that did the exact same thing only mine stalled at 165 for 4 hours. Hang in there it will finally get over the hump in the end. Since you have the same unit I do check out my post on smoked mozzarella - you will love it once you try it
Let me know if I can help
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Thanks folks. Finally got over the hump and all turned out very well. Got done in time for lunch today and will have plenty. I think this is going to work out well. Just had two hogs killed so ribs are next on the menu along with some other things I've seen on this site. Thanks again.
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Welcome aboard, good luck that's a lot of hog to smoke PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hang in there my friend, sometimes those last few degrees take longer than expected. I understand your position, I'm in a wheelchair whenever I'm smoking/grilling outdoors. Make life fit around your happiness. It's all good my friend.
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