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Man, that looks great. I would have never thougth to use a chuck but it would work better than rounds which to me are so inferior to a brisket or navel.
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That's what puzzled me with this smoke. I cured the Chuck and then seasoned the chuch and the store bought corned beef the same... smoke them at the same time. Entirely different flavors. I cured a brisket and it tasted like pastrami but the chuck didn't. I would have thought they would have tasted the same or close to the same.
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What cut of meat is corned beef usually made out of? Is it usually a chuck roast or is it a brisket?
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That is some good looking beef pastrami there Dave. I have made my own corned beef for awhile so I know what it's like. If I was anyone who hasn't made it and if you like corned beef. MAKE IT now I mean run out and get a brisket and make it. It's great and all things taste better when you make it at home from scratch.
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corned beef can be made with any cut of beef, most store bought is made from brisket. either the point or flat and it will say on the package what cut it is. the flat is usually more expensive.
I like to make my homemade out of sirloin tip. its a better cut and leaner.
great for cold corn beef deli sammies and rubens
I have also corned deer rump roasts with great success , they taste fantastic
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Thank you for the information. So is corned beef then cooked after you cure it. Difference between corned beef and pastrami being that pastrami is smoked and corned beef is cooked?
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Thanx Ron. Helpful as always.

Maybe I'm just being dense, but does corned beef need to be cooked after cured or is it 100% safe once it has been cured?

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The proper way for corned beef is simmered till fork tender.
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Yes, corned beef needs to be cooked after it is cured
you need to cook it low and slow to get the tender juiciness you desire.
you can back it or simmer it with cabbage or your favorite veggies.
I roast my corned beef @ 225* in a dutch oven or foil cover roasting pan
until its 185* I have a special slow roast oven but a conventional oven will work as well.
refrigerate and then slice for sammies!
my strami gets smoked @225* with cherry wood until its 160* then wrapped in foil with apple juice spritz, then slow roasted to 185* Just like the corned beef. I do turkey pastrami the same way
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Great looking pastrami Dave, got me a nice chipotle brisket curing in the fridge right now.

Guess I was a bit late on this one but as others have said, corned beef is cured (usually brisket) meat, once you season and smoke it it becomes known as pastrami.
Nothing better than curing your own, everyone should give it a try, you won't regret it.
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