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Foil Butt = Greasy Meat?

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I have not been foiling my butts (have foiled my chucks). Foiled a butt this weekend at ~170 and carried it up to ~200. The meat seemed greasy. Is this a function of the foil retaining more fat or just a bad cut of meat?
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After the resting period I always drain all the juice into a 2 cup glass measure. After setting in the fridge for awhile, the fat congeals on top to be thrown out. The remaining meat juice shouldn't be greasy. Maybe someone else has a different idea.
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I've never had that problem when foiling my butts. Most of what renders out is juice. Some is reabsorbed and some collect in the foil.
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I can't say I've ever had a problem with a shoulder ever being greasy. Could be that cut of meat.
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My vote is for the meat as well. I had been getting my butts at a butcher but this time I picked up a Tyson from Wal-mart. Wasn't overly pleased with the look of the cut, but I was in a hurry.
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Yeah I don't remember having that problem with foiling. Does your Walmart have Farmland brand pork products. I usually have good luck with their pork and it is usually at a good price. I try to buy from a butcher, but if I forget to go buy one during business hours I swing by Wally World on the way home.
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I did a butt last Spring that was super greasy. Exactly how you described. I think it was just a sub-par piece of meat, as I haven't had that problem since.
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I smoke fat side down, foil meat side down. Then I rest in foil, and when ready pour the juices into a cup to separate (or a fat separator if you have it). I've never had an issue with greasy meat, but I can see how not separating the fat from the juice could contribute.
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