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low low temp in big block.

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the ole big block ain't workin so good today. Outside temp is 43, can't get the bb above 177 per my maverick! got moist sand in the water pan and blew out the burner to make certain no spideys in it. Due to time constraints, have added 3 fatties and 3 racks of spares. Hope they will eventually get done!!! Also need to do 5 racks of baby backs!!! They are prepped and ready to go on.
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MoFo check your gas connection. If its not screwed on tight it won't function right. I had this happen to me when I had one of my kids connect my tank and I pulled my hair until I cried. Just happen to reach down and he didn't have it completely tight. If this is the case you have to shut everything down and reconnect and restart your smoker if not then check for spiders or bees best in your air flow underneath.
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I also had that happen with my GOSM one time.I turned the tank valve on when I have the burner on and the quick gas flow enacted that flow restricter in those new fangled tanks
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Well, what I ended up doing was changing to a spare tank I had. I always keep a spare on hand. The original tank was nearly full, but after making the switch I jumped right up to 225 - 227. That's about the best I can do on a cold Kansas day of 40*. So maybe it was the connection or the regulator or something like that. What a pain in the butt!
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good to see it is up and running for ya.......i hate it when things don't work when you need them to.
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Well now this tank is doing the same dang thing! Wonder if my regulator is going flaky...
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