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Beer Can Chik....Marinade???'s

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Gonna do a couple of beer can whole chiks this weekend. Done 'em before but gonna try a something diff...for me anyway. I've got both of them marinading in seperate zip loc bags and each w/a 16oz bottle of Zesty Italian dressing.

Here's my ???'s Do I rinse off the marinade or leave it on to smoke?? I usually probe the breast 'til it reaches *165. I'm using a ECB double door verticle w/Kingsford Blue and BGE Lump.

Do I need to use the water pan or delete?? I've used it before with great sucess but want to try for a crispier skin this time...I know I can toss it on the grill or in the oven for a kwik krisp but want to try to do it all in the ECB. (Yeah...I'm weird that way)

I'm using a combo of Alder and Hickory. What do you all like to smoke chiks with??


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beer can chicken

I've never once rinsed off a marinade before smoking except one extreme-marinade situation which does not apply to what you're doing.

That's pretty close but I wouldn't let any part of it be less than that. I'd go 175.

Do you mean drip pan? Yes, always, never do it without. If you're setting your chicken into some pan I'd say No. Or if you're just putting a water pan in to add humidity I wouldn't/haven't, the beer can adds that well to the chicken. Sorry if I'm not understanding that one.

If your skins aren't crispy enough then spray some oil onto the outside skin. But more likely your going too cool, 350F is about right, 250F will not crispify the skin correctly.

Hickory, cherry, or apple.

Post pictures of your result; lets see that crispy skin!
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I'll run the temp up in the bird to *175 this time and see how it turns out.

The ECB Verticle uses a water pan above the fire basket and under the lower grate for moisture. I've noticed it does help with keeping things moist...i.e. ribs and whatnot...maybe my problem with wimpy skinned chiken...and acts like a heat sink to help keep more stable temps.

I just plop Ms. Bird onto the beer can/rack and then set it on the middle rack of the ECB.

I will definitly take before and after pics.

Thanks A.S.S.!! (No disrespect intended) LOL
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Didn't see that one comin' !!!!

Oh man! You busted me up good, seriously. While I do have a pretty open mind, I did not see that...

I've used a bunch of different smokers over decades now, and built two large ones (a few tons, each) from scratch, but I'm not familiar with the ECB; sorry 'bout that. In addition to final internal temperature, pay attention to the temperature of your chamber; that's the more important thing to properly crispify the skin.

Thanks for making me laugh speedway, though I think I'd prefer a different handle than those 3 letters...

(How in the world did I not see that? PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif )
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I would say Do NOT rinse the marinade off, I have never done a beer can chicken with a marinade but sounds like a good idea.

As far as the water pan, I do not cook on an ECB but I would guess the water pan would be too much, you will get all the moisture you need from the beer, any more would just be a waste IMHO.

And yes to get a crisp skin you are gonna have to get the heat up in the 350 range

Good Luck and keep us posted
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Ya might oughta change the name, maybe add something starting with a P that way you would be PASS...icon_mrgreen.gif
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I should, yes.

Or maybe an S? I think I like that even better. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Or even a B would be better, though I don't fish for them anymore...

You've been here for 2,000 posts and I'm new here; can you tell me how I can go change that? Thanks!
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