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Sorry i dont have any pictures of me cussing and yelling as well as going deaf(lost my hearing protection so i shoved tissues in my ears for the cut off wheel).

Here are some late night pictures of my weber lid equipped UDS

As you can see i used the top set of bolts to also attach the weber ring to the drum. I decided not to let them go to waste so i thought i would double up on my real estate. Check out the double decker.
Check out my other thread for the brisket i have going right now(fire in the background).
Its rusting, so i plan to remove all paint and start over in a few weeks. Gotta keep her clean

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Sweet.. lookin' good..
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Nice looking UDS.

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Thanks. It started life as 100% brand new never used for anything. Apparently we have a company in town that manufacturers these for the world and they pulled one off for me without a lining. best 40.00 i ever spent.
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Great job! I like having 2 racks now.
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Nice UDS,
They say to keep the bottom rack 24 inches from the coals.Were you able to do this with the 2 racks?
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Oh yea, bottom rack was the only rack for about 4-5 months when i first built it. I always had a plan to add another rack and this one sits right under the lip from the original drum.
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