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Sams Baby Back Ribs on sale

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Not sure about any other Sams but the one at Southlands in Denver is selling baby back (3 Racks) for $2.38 per pound and Spare Ribs for $1.38 a pound. Just thought Id let anyone interest know
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dang i just paid 1.99 a lb for spares.
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Thanks for the update! I will go pick some up. I am in North Denver though, so here's to hoping it is not just Southlands!
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Great price!
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Got some great deals too here down at the local Wally's that damn injected/inhanced stuff!!

They look so good 'till you read the label and see "12% weight by flavor enhancing injection".

Smithfield brand too.
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Took advantage of that over here in Grand Junction, CO (Eastern Utah!)...
Thanks J79!
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BJ Wholesale here in NJ babybacks 2.29 lb.
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