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Advice on wood

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A buddy of mine works landscaping and dropped off a few logs of hickory and a few cherry. They are green. Should I cut them into chunks before it is seasoned or should I wait until it dries?
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If you cut them into Chunks they will cure ( dry ) faster than if you leave them whole. So it really depends on the time frame in which you are looking at to use them.

Me personally, I split all my wood once it is cut into lengths ( I am a stick burner) and then I let it sit for at least 6 months before I use it.

Others will chime in with their advice shortly

Good Luck and you will love both the Hickory and Cherry
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Agreed. i cut most my logs into chunks so they will season faster. I split some too for when I want to burn sticks instead. And yes both cherry and hickory are great...I even use a mix of both sometimes.
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DITTO with what has been said.Takes longer with winter temps.I chunk up what fits on rack and season rest as logs-out of the weather....
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Thanks guys. It looks like I'll be breaking out the chainsaw this weekend
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I cut them up and split them and they season much faster that way
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