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Not Really a side, but Smoked cornish game hen noodle soup

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Great for when you have leftovers, but not enough leftovers for everyone.

you need:
A smoked cornish game hen (or a larger part of a smoked chicken), spulled, keep skin and bones

An onion or two

Two to four cloves of garlic

Broccoli, or I actually prefer broccoli leaves (smaller ones, they aren't like shoe leather) chopped, bout two cups. Or to taste.

Celery, about as much as you have broccoli

Chopped carrots, about as much as you have celerybiggrin.gif

Bag-o-Egg noodles

Olive oil


Five or six of those little broth cubes (I actually used a couple ramen noodle seasoning packets)


Mince/Mash/Grind garlic how ever, Chop onion However, Chop broccoli pretty small. I prefer to use the leaves of my garden grown shredded. More broccoli taste that way, and I love the stuff.

Heat a good 1/8 cup EVO and a decent pad of butter in the bottom of a stock pot, over medium heat saute the garlic and onions untill onions aren't quite translucent. If you're using broccoli leaves I reccomend sauteing them too as the oil/butter kind of keeps them from turning into goo.

Add about two-three cups of watter, and broth cubes (enough to cover other ingredients)and bring to a boil. Remove from head and let rest, while in a seperate sauce pan you saute the skin and bones in about as much EVO and butter as before, for about a minute. Then add annother three cups water to this and boil for about a half hour to hour.

Strain smoked brothey goodness into resting vegetable broth, rinsing skin and bones with annother two cups of water for good measure. Disgard skin and bones.

Simultaniously bring the soup, and in a seperate pot enough water for the egg noodles to a boil.

Add Celery and carrots, and pulled chicken to soup at the same time
the noodles are added to their water.

When the noodles are done, add to soup, and declare that dinner is ready.
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It sounds like a great idea for leftover chicken cause when I smoke cornish hens there ain't no leftovers put I like the recipe and thanks for it too.
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Sounds like a tasty recipe.
Never smoked cornish game hens but they are going on sale tomorrow and I was actually thinking about picking up a few since I love smoking things I haven't tried before.
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Sounds Good...
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does sound good, wish there were pics. icon_neutral.gif
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