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Cherry Bombs

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Take a Jar of Maraschino Cherry s Drain the Juice and Refill with 190 Proof Grain Alcohol and let stand for a couple days before trying....

Warning Use Sparingly...LOL They Have A KICK...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Works with Bacardi 151 as well. icon_eek.gifbiggrin.gif
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Yep, that is what we normally use. Let them set at least a month before consuming... good stuff!
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These things are for real that you eat them. It sounds like they would hit you like a brick. A couple of them and you will be doing the happy dance for sure.
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Love these! But a warning, sometimes will make your tongue go numb lol
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Oh Yeah, They're for real and if you eat several they kick like a mule when you use the 190 Proof Grain Alcohol...icon_mrgreen.gif

i've also thought about trying it with green olives...
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I have had green olives that have been marinaded in vodka...very good, and yes, also a kick in the butt.
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I'm trying these this weekend. I drained the juice out of the container and replaced with grain last Saturday night so they will be sitting in grain for about a week before we try them. Will let you know how they come out.
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To take the "numbing" sensation out. I only drain out about 1/3 of the cherry juice. Then I replace with Yukon Jack. They will kick your arse!!!!
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Every way you boys describe it, it still sounds great. I'm doing it.
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I like your style.
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I have a 12 pound fresh garden watermelon that will be getting a 1/5 of vodka injected into it tomorrow for a party.

Then i make watermelon balls.
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