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anyone like pork roasts for $.97 lb

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so has anyone else been taking the advantage of the $97 a lb pork boston shoulders at krogers in your area. or was it just here in my area? i was getting 2 packs for $12.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Don't have a krogers by me. how is the quality of the meat?
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Food Lion has whole picnic shoulders for 79 cents/pound. I know where I'm going after work.
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krogers has really good meats. butchers on duty to cut for you as well. not just a in the pack store like wal mart. i usually get 80% of my meats from there or IGA. well 80% of meat that i buy. 70% of my meat comes from the barn or the timber. lol.

picnics are pretty good at .97 too. these were boston blade shoulder roasts bone in. reg they were $12 adveradge each and i got 3 smaller ones for $4 and change.

heres a link to krogers meats pork roasts.
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stocked up @ $.99 from somewhere else........
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Bought two last week, going for two more. I can't wait until I get a deep freeze...
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Picked up a couple last week in my Jamaican Jerk pork butt thread. Glad to see they weren't the injected solution ones too.

I need to get a deep freeze off Craigslist, this is fast becoming an obsessive hobby, more so than my pinball machines!
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so true..........
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Kroger does have some descent meats. Our local grocer has butts for .88 a lb so it looks like I need to pick up a few right after I get the half hog I'm picking up tomorrow in the deep freeze.
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I have a deep freeze (3) so when we see deals like that we like to stock up with pieces like butts and hams cause they don't last long around us. We/ I do alot of smoking for others too. We don't have a kroger but we do have Sam's, Bj's and costo near us too.
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ya we bought a chest freezer a few years back. $288 new at menards. whirlpool. then i found a standup at a garage sale a year later for $150. a kenmore. still had the $699.00 tag stuck inside it. makes a little whine when it runs from time to time but worked great for last 3 years. got them packed full of fish, deer, squillel, turtle, pork, beef, and home raised rabbit ect ect......PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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