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Is this a fattie or summer sausage

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Last year I was making venison snack sticks and ended up just rolling them into fattie sized logs and put them on the smoker with apple wood. Would these be considered fatties or summer sausage.....Either way it was better than any summer sausage Ive ever made. I dont think I'll use casings this year and just roll them into the ugly little logs. It seems they took on a better smoke flavor than when in the casings. I will try this this year with the summer sausage seasoning instead of the snack stick seaoning. Anyone else do it this way?
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I'm not to sure what you would call it. Maybe just good fattie log sounds good or maybe sumsttie for the mixture. It really doesn't matter but if it's really as good as you say it will definetly caught on so you better come up with a caughty name. You will have the honor to name it. But before you do that please stop in at Roll Call and properly introduce yourself.
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My guess is that it would fall more into the category of Summer sausage as opposed to fatties.
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I never use casings on my summer sausage. I would call it summer sausage. to me a fatty is adding not just spices but other ingredients.
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Do you find the taste is better without the casings? Mine sure are. I'll smoke them and vacuum pack them. I really don't see the need for the casings any way for summer sausage. Now I have a 15 pound stuffer collecting dust.
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In order to be a summer sausage you would have had to add insta-cure #1 or some other Cure.

Without the cure it would just be sausage thus just a Fattie...
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You did this at what temps and for how long? Smoking summer sausage implies low (165 to 170) and slow temps for several hours. If so, sodium nitrite cure is needed to avoid botulism poisoning. Won't change the process or what you call it, but may keep you alive longer. biggrin.gif

If you were up to 225 plus temps, like a fatty, no problem. A lot of the fat would run out at these temps, but if you have tried it and liked it, no problem with that either.
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I think there is a lot more smoked flavor not using casings, I also think that the spice flavors seem to be stonger without casings. I like the taste much better. I see that people are posting at lower tempetures you would need to add a cure. I assumed that since this was made for spice sticks that a cure had already been added. I always put mortans tenderquick in my spice sticks and summer sausage.
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