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Smoking bonless chicken breast?

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does anyone do this? are they good? i have my new slicer ans am thinking about smoking some breasts then slicing them to make lunch meat, anyone try this? sounds like it would be good
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Bacon is your friend biggrin.gif I like to wrap them in bacon
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I do it all the time I usually brine mine first. As Pineywoods said wrapped in bacon is awesome.
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yes bacon mmm
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You have to wrap them in bacon or they will be hockey pucks.
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Brine and watch temp like a hawk. IMHO, they're too much bother.
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guess i will just grill them then i can do em good on the grill
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Oh man wrapped in bacon and using apple wood for smoke you gotta try it in the smoker
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Done This Myself This Weekend

I done this last weekend and turned out great. Used Jeffs Naked Rub, (the wife thought it was a little spicy, have to figure out how to tune it down some), wrapped in bacon and smoked with apple and cherry.

Oh man was it good!!!!
I got to go eat some more, latter...........
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I did some this weekend that were great!

First - I marinated them for 24 hours in nothing but Italian dressing.
No brine...

I smoked them for one hour @ 250, then checked the internals: 150°
So I decided to finish them off on the firebox grill - took 90 seconds per side! I was up to 164° when I checked again so I pulled them.

The keys to success: either brine or marinate them, too dry if you don't - even if you pull right at 165. I like bacon, but didn't use it this time - marinated, so I didn't really need it.

The other key - is to pound them a little bit so they are uniform thickness.

and finally, PULL AT 165° and not a minute later!

Good luck.
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Pound them a little bit?? Heck I bash the heck out of them till they are about 1/2 their original thickness. Sprinkle with a little spices, usually Mrs dash.
Toss them in the smoker with Hickory smoke till I think they are almost done. Brush on some BBQ sauce and grill them till the sauce just starts to bubble and caramalize.

The then promptly dissapear into my mouth. Mmmmmmmmmmm PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Oh Yah and by the way thinly pounded bacon wrapped chicken breasts make awesome fatties.
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