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Ole Hickory Pit SSE for sale

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I wound up with this Ole Hickory Pit SSE from my buddy. Now I don't know whether to sell it or open a restaurant. I think I will sell it. call me if you know someone. I have pics. 22k new, it is 6 mo old, I am asking 10,500.

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alright, alright already! :-)

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here is a smaller version with briskets. you can make some dough with this one - mine is about twice this size.

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Old Hickoory Pit

Well I don't know how somebody just end up with a pit like that but.. I'm getting a BBQ restaurant together and need one. I learned and worked on that same model in Texas. So the real question is do you still have it? Thank you Che.
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Thats a heck of a smoker and I really don't think I could get that one on my back porch. But how much meat does that thing hold??
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Ole Hickory Pit for sale

Mr. Balli,

Here is what they say on their site for the SSE. FYI - it is convection as well.

● Revolving Racks: (15) 12"x 60"
●Cooking Surface: 75 Sq. Ft.

● Cooking Capacity:
Ribs (3 & Down) - 90
Baby Back Ribs - 120
Boston Butt - 80
Turkey - 50
Chicken (Whole) - 90;(Half) - 210
Brisket (12 lb.) - 50
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Ole Hickory Pit for sale

here is their brochure for the SSE:
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Dag gum that's a huge smoker, I don't think I could fill that one up, not enought money.

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Do you still have the SSE for sale?

is it still for sale? thanks
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yes, it is.
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If you know, can you tell me where or how "hard" this was used? It looks good, so just curious. Do you still have it? Thanks. Paul.
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Yes, I have it - kind of thinking of opening a restaurant for a person who's always wanted to own their own business. I will get it up and running and hand it off.

We own commercial real estate and own several successful businesses. That is always an option.

I don't believe it to be used hard - looks like new - but very dirty - and what isn't in BBQ?

Come see it and if you like it, you got it. If not, I am looking for that person who hasn't had the capital to pull the trigger.
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SOLD. thanks guys. I really wanted to open a BBQ joint, but I decided now is not the time.

however, I just watched an episode of BBQ Paradise on the TV. hmmmmmmm.
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Glad you sold it. Maybe a donation to jeff for the exposure to so many BBQ enthusiasts in his classified ads? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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that is a great idea. sold off CL though.
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LOL, I tried....

Love the pic of the two smoking trailers...
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if you still have this pit can you please email me some pictures of inside and out inluding

manufacture tag.  Thanks i have a bbq restaurant and am considering opening a second one. 


Thank you,


Jonathan Meade

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sorry my email is  Thanks

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Do you still have the smoker for sale and if so could you please send me pics. Also, where is the unit located?

Savory Flavors BBQ


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