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Friday Smoke

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Trying my first Boston butt, small simple and to the point, about a 3.5lb one and smoking some eggs for the first time as well (Irishteabear's been telling me I need to try them, so here we go!!!)

So I started the smoker this morning with my NEW nifty 13x13x12 firebasket, it holds LOADS of fuel, got everything set up and loaded the smoker and started to lock in my temp, AND I GOT CALLED IN TO WORK!!!! Of all things on my day off!!!!! So I locked the smoker in at 210-220 and left. Got back 3 hours later and it's holding temp like a champ!! Here's pictures of the start, will update with more pics soon.

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Good deal! Looking forward to your Q-Vue!~ PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice! I am doing 17lbs of Boston Butt tonight along with some eggs. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Here's the eggs:

and the smally Boston Butt:

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How long till you start pulling?icon_question.gif
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Looks great.Need to do those eggs as well.Seems like a great thing to fill out a smoke....
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Looks great. MMMmmmmm. I did the egg thing months back, very tasty. If you wanna try something different, make yourself some deviled eggs, add a little horseradish to the yoke mix, then smoke them for about an hour. I made them a while back and they were gone as fast as I could load them on the plate.
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The final product!!!!

Here it is, the pulled pork!

As you can tell, the smoke penetrated pretty well even though I cooked it inside a pan. Honestly after doing this I can't see cooking certain things like pork butts any other way. Yes I like that Authentic pit flavor that I would have gotten had I sat it right on the grill grate, but I know I also didn't suffer from ANY temp spikes due to dripping fat during the entire smoke. I must look more into this. Cooked on #6 drum with 2" air intake for 6 hours, not to temp.
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Looks good there le. Whats are you going to do with the eggs? So the butt smoked for 10 hours at 210 and no type of temp gauge. Ok glad it came out for you.
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Looks great Nutzman, congratulations...
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Nice job! Glad your smoker cooperated with you. Everything looks delicious.
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Nice looking smoke.
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Indeed, that is some tasty looking pork. I hope mine turn out that well.
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Looking good!
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Lookin mighty fine! Man... I have got to try to smoke some eggs.
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Looks good bet it tasted better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice pulled pork there. No internal temps?
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Nope, no internal temps, just 210 degrees for about 6ish hours, was mildly spongy to the touch, so I pulled it.
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Points to ya for straying off the beaten path. It's always nice to know the internal temp but it's not the end of the world if you don't. If it works for ya, by all means do it.points.gif
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