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HELP.... NOW! save my butts!

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OK, my butts are at 185 and I have to leave my smoker and won't be back for several hours. It's 6:00 PM now. What the hell do I do? Put them in the oven and at what temp and how long can they stay? IF I get lucky I won't be back til in the morning!!
Thanks for your suggestions,

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Pull , Wrap in foil and put in fridge . They won't be any good in chest or oven all night (If ya get lucky)
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^^^^what he said - finish tomorrow foiled in an oven until the internal temp is 195-205^^^^^
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tell her to come your house

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If ya get lucky you won't care what happens to the dumb ole pork. icon_mrgreen.gif
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I'm sure there is a double entendre somewhere with the pork, but I'll be good enough not to go there....
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What he said will work.
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Just tell her your meat is bigger and hotter at your house... Then do what the other guys said.. Just couldnt resist..biggrin.gif
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icon_mrgreen.gifOK, here's what happened. I decided to take the butts with me and finish them in her oven. I bought her roses, we went to Chillies for dinner and I'm just now getting home. (NOON). What a fantastic evening and one of the prettiest butts I've seen!
BTW, this week was my 64th smoke in 64 weeks!

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Very pretty I'm sure, but how was the pork????
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OK, OK, the butts were ALL good! My only mistake was not leaving her any pork! What was I thinking????????

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I love spending the evening with a pretty-looking butt...
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.... that sound you just heard was my brain overloading from all the inapropriate comments jumping up and down yealling "pick me! pick me"! icon_mrgreen.gif
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