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Ole Hickory SSE

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I have a friend who will sell his near new SSE for a seemingly killer deal. It is 22k new list price.

I can get it for 6,000. What can I do with it?
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to answear your question, anything you want! I have one and its IMO the best there is, cook 600 lbs. of meat at once if want to. the quality can't be beat,the flavor is outstanding. I can keep going on, but you get the picture. If nothing else you can always make money on it. icon_cool.gif
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I had to look it up to see what you were talking about.

Hell, what couldn't you do with it?
I would try to smoke a whole bear or maybe a blue whale.
Seriously though, something like that I would think you could and should get into some catering or party type events or just throw a big 'ol party yourself.
Or you could always send me an awesome Birthday gift icon_mrgreen.gif

Hell even if you don't end up using it I doubt you would have trouble reselling it for even more than what you paid.
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