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I'm Baaaaack

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I am finally back.

Sorry for the long hiatus but the ball and chain....I mean wife, has had me going full speed all summer.
Been doing a lot of cooking just haven't been anywhere I had access to a computer.

Can't wait to get caught up on all that has been going on, sure did miss you folks.

Now lets see some q-view...wooo hooo
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back.glad to have you here
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Welcome back!

Hey Welcome Back, even if I'm new here since you took off. By now you must have a few good Q stories to tell us about what you have been doing since you have been gone!?

Glas to meet you!

Thomas icon_mrgreen.gif
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Welcome back man! Lots going on around here. You'll never get caught up. I hate it when I miss even a weekend.
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Welcome back, and ditto on The Dudes comments.
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yeah I didn't really figure I would ever get caught up, but can be fun trying biggrin.gif
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Welcome Back, Glad to have you back with us.
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Hey first off WELCOME BACK!

Glad to know you're still around and stuff. Lot's of good things have been happening around here, mainly great cooking!

Here's a piece of Q-View to whet your appetite for some Smokin'!

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Now That's what I'm talking about

Thanks Rivet

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Welcome back Txbbq. I'm new since you left but there is always alot goning on around here. You just can never get caught up so hurry and next time take a laptop. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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