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New MES from Cabelas.

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Just picked up a 30 inch MES from Cabelas tonight. Decided it was time to upgrade from the Charbroil. Was great to learn on but I have been needing more! I may keep it around to make a secondary smoke generator for smoking cheese and such!

Seasoning is going on now. Will try to get something to smoke in the morning!

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Congratulations on the new MES, don't forget to post lots of Qview pix...
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I love my MES , it is not quite set it and forget it but its close.
and yep we expect some qview from you now. tongue.gif
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Congrats on your new MES, sounds like you'll be smokin' up a storm real soon. It's all good my friend.
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Congrats on the new smoker now you have to try to ware it out. Smoke Smoke Smoke something.
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Congrats on the new MES - the electric sure makes smoking easy
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Good choice! I love my MES! Many good smokes to come.
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Congrats on the new MES, that's exactly what I use & besides a little repair work, it has been perfect & use it 2-3 times a week. SMOKE ON!
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I wanted to relate a different point of view, other than the "rah, rah, smoke on." I purchased my MES from Lowe's on June the 14th. Used about 5-6 times. The temp control went up to 300 by itself (unit not heating)so they sent me another temp control, which performed like the first one. I am getting a whole other unit sans shelves and water pan. So far, so good, but this unit was re-engineered two years ago, had a flare-up (fire danger) problem . I looked at a Cookshack, the best you can buy, but x3 $$ of the MES. So monitor it close. Lot of bad feedback about this unit, many have good experiences, many do not. Mostly associated with the wiring. Have got some good feedback form other owners, i.e. it isn't a junk unit, bear with it, etc. Check other blogs besides this one.
I did a meticulous research of electric smokers regarding reliability, performance, etc, for six months. I really wasn't sure I needed one. Just wanted to smoke once in a while.
So, it seems luck is the prevailing factor, not science. Good luck. I do not reccomend this unit.
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Congrats. I have mine 1 1/2 years and love it.
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Welcome to SMF, you have joined a pretty large family of MES owners here at SMF. Lots of great advice and help when you need it.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congrats on your purchase. I bought one myself a few months ago from Cabelas when they were on sale. I've smoked several different things and found it to work well. I think you'll it a blast to use
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So I ran the maiden voyage last night and it turned out great! I have started another thread about it.
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You will enjoy it, I have had mine about 6 months.
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